Intro Capoeira
Professor Chaveco teaching an outdoor Capoeira class

Capoeira is for everyone. Start today and improve your flexibility, strength and coordination, all while having fun!

Adult Capoeira
Capoeira Camará student throws a martelo while Professor Chaveco esquivas under the kick

We train capoeiristas of all abilities and skill levels, wherever they may be on their Capoeira journey or life path.

A Capoeira Camará student demonstrates his flexibility and athleticism during a performance
Capoeira Is For Everyone
Capoeira combines martial arts, acrobatics, music and culture into a game like no other in the world.
Whatever your skill or ability, Capoeira has something to offer you.
Capoeira is a community filled with joy, care and respect.

Capoeira Camará Welcomes You
Whether you’ve trained for years with another group or are completely new, we welcome you!
Our lead instructors have over 20 years of experience in training and teaching Capoeira.
Our classes teach you to move in ways you maybe never thought you could, building strength in your mind and body.
Group shot of Capoeira Camará teachers and students

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